Welcome to my website. My name is Bata, and I do a whole bunch of things.


I put out music under my own name; check out my album '94 Classics, a sort of tribute to the rave culture of the 90's.

I've also got an alias I release ambient music under: Relics of Lysergia. Last year I published my debut self-titled album. It's nice.

I also run a small netlabel called Digital Field Records. It's pretty cool, I think.


Other than music, I've delved into computer graphics a bit. I've got about a years worth of Blender noodles sitting on my hard drive, some of them shit - some of them really good. I've got an ArtStation where most of my portfolio is, but if you don't wanna click on there, here's a preview:








"Pick up that can."

That's all for now!